Functional Design eBook

Functional Design is a textbook written by Ruth Massingill, author of Prison City. Her main goal for writing this book was to create a classroom guide for desktop publishing skills. This multimedia textbook includes visual examples, tech tips for using InDesign, past student examples, professional designs, links to related articles, unique videos and so much more!

I, Nicole Smith, have had the opportunity to work alongside Ruth as the graphic designer on this project and together we have created something truly special. This eBook is in its final stages and will be available for download starting next week. If you are looking for a great way to brush up on your desktop publishing skills, but aren’t interested in enrolling in another college course, this book may be just the solution for you!

It was originally intended to be taught in the Design for Public Relations and Advertising class by Ruth at Sam Houston State University, but I have no doubt in my mind that someone could read this eBook “cover-to-cover” and be a successful designer in no time. The book covers topics like designing your own business card, open-for-business advertisement, newsletters and brochures!

There are also many new topics that older design books haven’t yet incorporated like networking cards and scanography! The book only costs $69.00 through the Sentia Publishing website and is a sure way to help get your feet wet with InDesign and desktop publishing.

Functional Design Book Cover

If you are an awesome writer and need a designer to bring life to your eBook, contact us at Fine Pearls Media. Let the world hear what you have to say!

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