One Pearl of Great Value

This Social Media Marketing Company was started by Wesley and Nicole Smith. They will both graduate in May 2017 with their BA degrees in Business (Wesley) and Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising (Nicole). This is a great starting point for them. They are passionate about graphic design, website development, photography, and social media management. Fine Pearls Media’s main goal is to help businesses be successful through online marketing by creating digital promotional materials and creative content.

The main idea behind the title “Fine Pearls Media” is based on the parable of the pearl of great price found in Matthew. Wesley and Nicole love studying the cryptic language and mysterious literary structure. The story describes a merchant selling all that he has for one pearl of great value. This parable has stuck with the Smiths and their journey together as husband and wife, and now, business partners. 

Wesley and Nicole know they have what it takes to run a successful social media marketing company and look forward to all that the future has in store for Fine Pearls Media. If you are interested in FPH’s services, you can either email them at or by submitting an inquiry on their contact page. 

“…and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.”

Click HERE to contact Fine Pearls Media for more information!

Social Media Marketing Tips:

  • Increase your website traffic by regularly engaging with potential clients through social media. 
  • Create pages for your business on all of the current major social networking sites and especially don’t forget LinkedIn! 
  • Consider paying to use social media advertisement to boost your post’s reach on sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

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