Beyond the Surface

The debate of who’s better between Apple and Microsoft is a difficult one. The various devices can be laid side-by-side and the pros and cons listed out, but it truly comes down to each individuals preferences and the needs of the consumer. For years Nicole was dedicated to Apple and their products. She owned a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod, iHome, and iPhone. 

iPhone after iPhone would break down in near perfect unison with the release of the newest, fanciest iPhones. The iHome, charging cords, and other Apple devices would become unusable or irrelevant as the charging ports changed over time. These things happened, yet Nicole still stuck with Apple. It wasn’t until her beloved MacBook Pro hard drive unexpectedly crashed and was unrepairable by anyone at the GenuisBar that she began looking into Apple alternatives. 

Microsoft’s SurfaceBook became a viable contender against the sacred MacBook Pro. Features like tablet mode, a full touch screen, and the smart pen made a world of difference with programs like Photoshop and InDesign for graphic design. For anyone weighing their options or considering making a change, there are a lot of pros to the surface and it’s worth the time and research. 

Be sure to contact Fine Pearls Media for any questions regarding services in graphic design, photography, or social media marketing. 

Using a Surface for Graphic Design:

  • The surface can be used as a laptop with the trackpad or in tablet-mode for a hands-on feel.
  • The top half of the laptop can be disconnected for a lighter feel as just a tablet. 
  • For digital artists, the pen tool allows users to “paint” directly on the tablet screen without having to worry about cursors or a mouse.
  • For layout designers who work with text and images, tablet-mode and the smart pen simplify many of the software tools to create functional layouts faster. 
  • The tablet-mode features allow designers to zoom, touch-up, and adjust lighting in photographs in a simpler fashion using Photoshop. 

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