FPM’s Social Media Management Services

Fine Pearls Media is an exceptionally broad company with a wide variety of services. Many people have asked questions regarding the types of services that are offered by Wesley and Nicole through FPM, and the answer is a LOT!

Services (stars)

Fine Pearls Media is capable of handling most digital aspects of building your brand, advertising, marketing, and creating a successful online presence. Social Media though, is a rather generic term that covers numerous online networks. At Fine Pearls Media, they can help you manage your series of social networking sites and help you clean them up and make them look more professional. FPM offers multiple packages that allow companies to determine the level of online engagement they would prefer for their brand.

This includes:

  • Regular posting to multiple social media accounts relevant to the company
  • Increasing the number of page views, likes, and follows
  • Creating a trustworthy, online presence for potential clients to engage with
  • Providing clear communication about brand’s mission, goals, and services
  • Creating engaging content that draws users in
  • Monthly reports of social media trends and user engagement

At Fine Pearls Media, there is sure to be a social media management plan that is right for your business whether it has been around for years or is just getting started. Contact FPM today for more information!

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