Nicole’s Portfolio

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Nicole had the opportunity to be a guest vlogger on the INsight Scene Digital Magazine and contribute to their incredible collection of encouraging videos created by women from all over the world who are dedicated to inspiring others.

Thought Catalog – Published Author

endo blog.png

Nicole’s article titled Here Are 3 Simple Lifestyle Changes I’ve Made That Make Living With Endometriosis Easier was published by the Thought Catalog (November 2017) and can be viewed on their website along with incredible posts by many other talented writers.

Functional Design Textbook – Published Designer


Nicole designed the textbook titled Functional Design. It was written by Dr. Ruth Massingill as the official textbook for the Design for Public Relations and Advertising class at Sam Houston State University.

This book is available for purchase on the Sentia Publishing website.

The Suicide Letters – Novel & TV Series


Currently, Nicole is in the process of writing a novel and TV Series titled The Suicide Letters. This is a project that has been close to Nicole’s heart for years and is finally starting to unfold in incredible ways. Be on the lookout for the book’s publication!

I Am Esyntial – Published Designer

Nu Epps Cover Design front.jpg

Nicole had the opportunity to design the cover of I Am Esyntial by Nu Epps. This book is a woman-empowerment, positive self-talk book that is available for download on her website. In this book, Nu helps you to identify and evaluate your dominant thoughts and shares personal truths about her painful but purposeful journey to happiness, success, and balance with the use of positive affirmations.  Empowering statements and self talk exercises are provided throughout the book to teach you how to love YOU unconditionally.  With practice, you will transform your attitude, eliminate destructive behavior and create habits to help you establish and maintain a healthy internal dialog.

Voice of Hope in the Darkness – Founder

VOH Logo Banner.jpg


Nicole founded Voice of Hope in the Darkness as a way to encourage and inspire people wrestling with suicide and depression through her writing. The project started as a personal blog and has since grown into a non-profit organization with a website and social media presence that reaches people from every walk of life worldwide.

The Battle is Real – Endometriosis Blog

Main Image.jpg

Nicole writes weekly about her battle with endometriosis and an autoimmune disease on her blog titled The Battle is RealShe doesn’t let any disease define her or get in the way of all she has set out to accomplish.

8 Days – Assistant Art Director & Designer


Nicole had the opportunity to work with After Eden Pictures as the assistant art director on set for 8 Days, a feature film inspired by actual events. Nicole designed the above poster and the other promotional materials for the movie.

Endometriosis Awareness – Video Project

Nicole created this Endometriosis Awareness Video as a way to show people the frustrations that come with the disease including the lack of knowledge about its origin and the painful symptoms often associated with it.