Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital Fliers are a great way to spread around information about an upcoming event, workshop or even your company’s services! At Fine Pearls Media, we can create all of the digital promotional materials needed to reach potential clients via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more! Advertisements need to be tailored to the type of site they are being promoted on. Similar yet unique ads must be created to keep a consistent theme that still fits with the style of your audience’s social networking preference.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Packages

Level 1

Basic package includes four original, digital designs (one per week) that can be used to promote services on social media. $75.00

Level 2

Intermediate package includes eight designs (two per week) appropriately formatted for each social media network to promote services for one month of a designated campaign. Each design includes the written post content to accompany the file to be uploaded. $275.00

Level 3

Expert package includes twenty designs (five per week) a part of a marketing campaign developed to promote a brand’s services for one month on multiple social media networks. Each design includes the written post content to accompany the file to be uploaded and the posts will be scheduled during the peak hours to gain the furthest reach and highest online engagement. $500.00

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